Five Essential Daily Items

Everyone has their favorite list of items. The following list is my favorite items to use daily, that I couldn’t possibly live without. Add some of my favorites to your list!

1. Face-wash: I recently switched to using Tula face wash, and I can honestly tell a difference on my skin. I could not possibly start and end my day without this face wash by my side.

2. Lancome Foundation: I have honestly tried almost every foundation product out there, and my personal favorite is the Lancome Longwear Foundation. I have used countless bottles and every time I quickly reorder. There is no other foundation that comes close.

3. Brow Gel: No matter the salon that I use to get my eyebrows done, I am always complimented on my eyebrows. I rarely fill them because they are naturally so thick. Recently I started using the brow gel from Benefit, and I love how they set my eyebrows for the day. A must-have in your daily beauty routine.

4. Mascara: I naturally have the shortest eyelashes ever. Thanks to another Benefit product “They’re Real”, my eyelashes actually have length to them!

5. Chapstick: I have a crazy chapstick addiction, and do not leave the house without one in each coat pocket, purse, gym bag, and work bag. My personal favorite brand is Burts Bees.